Prozdor Sofit Enrollment Form 2019-20 (for 12th graders only!)


It's hard to believe that your final year of Prozdor is around the corner! Congratulations on your lifetime of Jewish educational achievements and we look forward to seeing you next year.

The following are the opportunities available to 12th graders for 2019-20:
1. 4-hour Sunday program
2. 4-hour Sunday program (half-year, can choose either Fall or Spring semester)
3. 2-hour Sunday program (full-year)
4. 2-hour Sunday program (half-year, can choose either Fall or Spring semester)
5. Gateways volunteering for credit (2 hours, full-year, separate application process)
6. Jewish Teen Foundation of Greater Boston (meets monthly for 3.5 hours on Sundays, minimum fundraising requirement must be met, separate application process)
7. A limited number of Sunday TA positions may be available for students who choose options 1-6.
8. 12th graders are invited to apply to be Israel trip counselors as well. Counselors are only responsible for their airfare (normally $1000). You must be enrolled in at least one other 12th grade program to be a counselor on the Israel trip.

For options 1, 2, 3, and 5 we are offering a $150 early discount for all registrations that are paid in full by June 1 and a $50 early discount for all registrations through Tuition Management Systems (TMS) by June 30.

If you come complete the enrollment and payment process by May 19, we will give you an additional $25 off.

Additional financial aid is be available. Please complete the Financial Aid form on the Prozdor "forms and information" page to apply.

Once you submit this form we will send you a confirmation email and additional instructions to the parent email address listed.

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  • Please review the following link for information and links to Financial Aid forms:
  • I hereby enroll my child in Prozdor/Makor of Hebrew College for the academic year 2019–2020. 1. I agree to pay the full tuition and fees, as applicable, in accordance with the payment plan chosen and the policies listed above.I understand that once I sign this agreement, I am liable for the 25% tuition that is considered forfeit should a student withdraw. If a student withdraws after October 1, there will be no refund. 2. I hereby give permission to my child to participate in all Prozdor programs, activities and events and do release Prozdor and its representatives from all liability arising out of my child’s participation in such activity. 3. I give permission for my child’s picture or electronic image to be used for Prozdor and its affiliates’ publicity. 4. I agree that in case of an emergency, Prozdor may make all reasonable efforts to secure and administer treatment, including hospitalizations for the student. All financially responsible parties must electronically sign their name below. *